BoldBrush Circle Live - Session with Francien Krieg (Skip to 10:40 to skip BoldBrush member-specific stuff)

AI Art, NFTs, Art Marketing and More

Apr 26, 2023

During our interview, we discussed Francien's success with AI Art and NFTs and how she's utilized both to add a new form of art and income in addition to her traditional oil paintings!.

Topics covered:

  • Announcements and features for the month.

  • Overview of the content in the April Marketing Calendar and where to focus for the 2nd half of the month.

  • Overview of a new added resource in the Marketing center: GUIDEBOOK: 12 Steps + 2 Ideas for Getting Noticed by Art Galleries

  • Overview of a new added tool in the Marketing center: Meet EnsoGPT a ChatGPT tool trained on Boldbrush’s Material to answer your marketing questions

  • Francien shares how she uses AI tools to inspire creative photo reference for her original art

  • She shares which tools work best for her and how they work

  • We discuss NFTs in great detail, her success with minting and selling NFTs on twitter

  • We answer questions from the audience about NFTs, NFT currency, best places to sell NFTs, AI tools & technology, and much more!

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