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BoldBrush Circle Live - Session with Francien Krieg (Skip to 10:40 to skip BoldBrush member-specific stuff)

AI Art, NFTs, Art Marketing and More

During our interview, we discussed Francien's success with AI Art and NFTs and how she's utilized both to add a new form of art and income in addition to her traditional oil paintings!.

Topics covered:

  • Announcements and features for the month.

  • Overview of the content in the April Marketing Calendar and where to focus for the 2nd half of the month.

  • Overview of a new added resource in the Marketing center: GUIDEBOOK: 12 Steps + 2 Ideas for Getting Noticed by Art Galleries

  • Overview of a new added tool in the Marketing center: Meet EnsoGPT a ChatGPT tool trained on Boldbrush’s Material to answer your marketing questions

  • Francien shares how she uses AI tools to inspire creative photo reference for her original art

  • She shares which tools work best for her and how they work

  • We discuss NFTs in great detail, her success with minting and selling NFTs on twitter

  • We answer questions from the audience about NFTs, NFT currency, best places to sell NFTs, AI tools & technology, and much more!

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