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Jul 21, 2023·edited Jul 21, 2023

Thank you Laura and Olya for this talk. I’ve been experiencing burnout on many levels for several years, especially with art and writing. I thought it was age related, but now that I hear you both express some of the same sentiments I am feeling, I know for sure that it’s living in the times that we do. I do believe technology, while useful, can overwhelm us if we let it. Olya, I am a lark too, so your description of how you take a leisurely break in the middle of the day/week is something I want to try.

I wrote for Fine Art Views for about 7 years (weekly) and my well eventually ran dry. Also wrote for American Artist publications. I so enjoyed doing research and public speaking about art marketing. Now, I have no desire to do those things. I taught art workshops - had an instructional column in Watercolor Magazine… none of those kinds of things appeal to me at all now. It’s scary!

I have been thinking that now I have the time to devote to my art and get it to the next level. I have improved, but don’t finish much. I have a mentor; that said, I feel a little like you Laura - getting so tired of “assignments” and critiques. It gets me too much in my left brain and I don’t feel the love of being in the flow state while creating… always thinking about what the instructor will “correct”.

I’m glad that I’m not alone in this, and find it especially interesting to hear these things coming from you both who are younger than I am. I never had burnout when I was younger. I do think that social media and having to present videos and information constantly re-wires our brains and likely increases our cortisol as “anything can go wrong” or what if no one pays attention? I’ve been meaning to write something about these things for a long time. I’ve journaled about it.

This week, I’m taking a “mind vacation” at home and will just do what Olya does on Wednesdays… no work and anything I feel like doing. More time offline with a book. If any art - just sketching/doodling or writing in my journal.

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