My life goal has ALWAYS been one of "sharing". With my art expression, to share the beauty I see in our world, be it how light falls on a subject, or even the subject itself. Financially, I am setting pretty well, with or without art sales. So, how do I feel toward the worth of my art? Most of it is priceless, one of a kind, created from my soul. Where or why do I feel any "lack" or "failure"? When what I create, does not find a patron that wants it, thus completing my journey to SHARE! The art itself is not a failure, merely my goal!

And It is difficult to find the passion to continue to create, when my journey has not completed itself, opening a portal for me to pass thru, and to create more!

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Thank you, Clint, for these words for they do deeply express my relationship with my art, it is from my soul, always has been. It is a narrative. Even over time, I look back and like most of what I have created. I find it hard to be with some painted during especially difficult times, but most are a comfort to me. Some make me smile, some make me laugh, and others may bring a tear.

As you know, I did lose a number of pieces of art recently. I loved them for how they spoke of what I was trying to express at that time. Some went back 10 years.

Yes, 10 years, I don't have a strong sales history, people do seem to enjoy seeing my art, but so far I have not found those who can connect with it in a way they want to live with it. I will keep searching for those who may.

Thank you again for your words.

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Thank you, Clint, for these words of wisdom. When I sell a piece, I am happy and grateful, but never as happy and grateful as I am when creating it! The act of creating is where the true unstoppable joy lies. And that joy spills over into the painting for all to see and feel. What a reward, for such a simple act!

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